Terms & conditions

The name Auditionline, as referred to in these Terms & conditions, is an abbreviation of Auditionline.com BV (the full company name). All Users/Members of Auditionline accept the conditions stipulated in these Terms & conditions.

User agreement


Auditionline is an internet-based platform aimed at connecting the entire international performing arts world, through connecting people, groups, companies and organizations to auditions, jobs and other opportunities. Auditionline only accepts professionals and students aiming at becoming professionals.


A User is a person, group, company or organization who is a Member of Auditionline.


Users of Auditionline accept the conditions stipulated in this User agreement as well as Auditionline’s Privacy and Copyright policies.


A User becomes a Member of Auditionline after registering and paying for the chosen subscription. 

Members can create a profile page or browse the database anonymously. Members who browse anonymously have access to all available tools, including (group) messaging but cannot be found via search or contacted. A Member may create or delete their own profile page whenever they choose to. 

Membership gives unlimited access to all basic tools available on the Auditionline platform.

These include:

  • creating a profile (showcase) page
  • finding people, groups, companies, organizations and institutions working within the performing arts world
  • finding (commercial) companies, organizations and institutions who have dealings with the performing arts world, but are not themselves part of it  
  • creating subject-specific ‘favorites’ folders to which chosen profiles may be added 
  • the ability to contact all other Auditionline Members, who are not using the platform anonymously, through direct messaging or the group messaging tool
  • finding and/or posting auditions, jobs, events and other opportunities


Auditionline does not act as an intermediary in any hiring/contracting process. Any such arrangements take place outside of Auditionline’s reach and responsibility.


All profiles on Auditionline will be reviewed by an Auditionline curator. This curator verifies that the person, group, company or organization described in the profile is of a professional (or student) level. Profiles which are verified as such will be endorsed with the term ‘verified profile’. Prior to this, profiles will be shown as ‘pending’.

A curator can reject a profile or put it ‘on hold’ (still labelled as ‘pending’). In case of rejection, the profile page will not be shown anymore but the Member can still use all available tools. If a curator puts a profile ‘on hold’, this means that the quality of presentation or footage needs to be improved or information must be added. After these requirements, have been met, the profile will be reviewed again and either receive the ‘verified profile’ status or be rejected.

If a profile is rejected, the Member does not receive any refund. Members whose profiles have been rejected still have access to all other Auditionline tools in their subscription package.

A curator can also select a profile to become a ‘Curator’s Choice’. A profile endorsed with ‘Curator’s Choice’ is given additional exposure on the Auditionline.com home page for a limited amount of time.

Payment and invoicing

All available Memberships are paid-for in advance for the total agreed duration of the Membership. Shortly before a Membership expiration date, the Member will get a notification asking whether they wish to extend their Membership. Memberships are not extended automatically.

All prices quoted are exclusive of 21% VAT, which applies to Members from EU Member states who do not provide a valid VAT number.


Auditionline reserves the right to charge additional fees for use of other yet-to-be introduced features.

After payment has been received by Auditionline, a PDF-format invoice will be automatically sent to the Member who made the payment.

Terminating Membership

Members can terminate their Membership by not extending their subscription period (the subscription period will not be automatically extended). Auditionline does not accept cancellations and does not refund any payments made.

Auditionline reserves the right to terminate a Members’ subscription. The Member will be notified and given the reason for termination. Depending on the specific case, Auditionline can decide to refund (part of) the paid subscription fee.

English only

Auditionline is an English language only platform.

Copyright policy


Auditionline treats copyright and the protection of intellectual property of others with the greatest respect and caution and will never willfully breach these rights or aid others to do so.


The Auditionline(.com) name and logo (in all its variants) and the use of colors, images and texts form part of the intellectual property of Auditionline.com BV and are as such protected under copyright law. Any breach of this copyright will be taken seriously and, if necessary, the person/company/institution accused of breaching it will be prosecuted.


Responsibility Members

Every person, company or institution joining Auditionline (every Member) takes full responsibility for all content (including copyright/intellectual property) published on their profile page(s) and in their posts and messages. Each Member remains responsible for their entire presence and activity on the Auditionline platform at all times.


By accepting Auditionline’s Terms & Conditions, each Member declares that all photographs uploaded to the platform (hosted on Auditionline servers) are done so completely free of rights. This means that the Member either owns the rights themselves or has (temporarily) obtained – and if necessary paid for – the appropriate rights of publication. Video and audio fragments relayed via Auditionline are done so as embedded links from external sources (third parties) and Auditionline does not accept any responsibility for their content.

Claims against Members

In case of copyright/intellectual property claims against Members, Auditionline will merely act as ‘go between’ and forward any message(s) concerning these issues to the address stored in our database. Auditionline cannot guaranteed receipt of such correspondence by the intended recipient. In some cases Auditionline might offer to mediate. Auditionline reserves the right to put content in quarantine for as long as a copyright/intellectual property dispute has not been resolved.

Responsibility/claims website

Auditionline is responsible for the framework of the Auditionline.com website and for the way it works. In case of a copyright/intellectual property claim where these aspects are concerned, Auditionline will deal with this directly.


The name Auditionline is to be regarded as the abbreviated form of Auditionline.com BV (which is the full company name).

Any dispute involving Auditionline which can not be amicably resolved between parties is subject to Dutch law and will be settled in the Court of Justice in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

All Members will be notified of any changes made to the User agreement, Privacy policy or Copyright policy. If a Member does not agree with the change(s) made, he/she can inform Auditionline via the contact form and his/her Membership will be terminated. Depending on the specific case, Auditionline can decide to refund (part of) the paid subscription fee.

Auditionline aims to avoid disputes of any kind. In the unfortunate case of a dispute arising, Auditionline calls on all parties to remain reasonable and fair.


Postal address

Auditionline.com BV

P.O. Box 71

1260 AB Blaricum

The Netherlands

E-mail address


Company registration – Chamber of Commerce The Netherlands 64775682

VAT number – NL 8558.35.023 B.01