About us

At last, a truly comprehensive meeting place for the performing arts world

Auditionline was founded by Peter Santa to solve a problem he repeatedly encountered when looking for performers and production staff: there was no easy way to scout talent and find the wide range of people a production needs through online searches.

As Artistic Director of the Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra and CEO of Codacapo Music Management, Peter found himself in need of anybody from musicians, dancers and actors to circus acrobats, puppeteers, show callers, make-up artists and administrative staff, at every level of experience and fame. But the platforms covering the performing arts were extremely limited in their scope and/or unrealistically expensive to use.

He therefore decided to develop his own in the form of Auditionline, an inexpensive meeting place for all people working in or with the professional performing arts world. From students to stars and everybody on and off the stage who contributes to making productions a success. A place where all these terrific people can showcase themselves, discover each other, communicate, apply for opportunities and offer them to others. One vibrant mass composed of every kind of talent.

“Everyone involved in the performing arts is constantly auditioning in one way or another. As individuals or groups attempting to get hired by a fantastic company, or as companies pitching to participate in a prestigious festival. We are all looking for opportunities to showcase or to find the perfect fit for our productions.

My work in the international music business has highlighted how difficult it can be to find the right people to cover the full spectrum of disciplines and talent a production needs. This inspired me to create Auditionline to serve the performing arts world in its broadest sense. Alongside the “obvious” disciplines such as music, dance, theater and film, Auditionline covers specialties such as cabaret, circus and puppetry. I’m seeing a great increase in crossover and multi-disciplinary projects and am convinced this is the way forward, for everyone. 

I’m delighted to have created this comprehensive platform. But it’s your talent which will bring it to life! Please feel free to contact the Auditionline team if you have any questions or suggestions for making it work even better for you.”

Peter Santa is a trained violinist, internationally experienced conductor and now Artistic Director of the Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra. In addition to being Auditionline’s founder and CEO, he runs a music production company called Codacapo Music Management and the Blaricum Music Festival.